Composing a Contrast Essay

Professors assign too many academic writing tasks that are based on different types of essays. Each type of essay writing has an important role to play in grooming of students' academic career. Students fret out or become nervous if they have to write a detailed comparison and contrast essay. In this article, you will find an essential as well as a simple guide to compile a presentable this particular genre of essay.

Students at the initial stage of writing often mingle the concept of one essay with another type of essay. Ultimately, they get stuck in the middle while compiling an essay. Consequently, students ask their seniors or professional writers to write essay for me. Well, doing this is neither a permanent solution in academic writing nor applicable in the examination hall.

Steps to compile a compare and contrast essay

There are following steps that you must learn to write a top-notch compare and contrast essay.

Clearing the concept

Do you know what a compare and contrast essay requires from a scribbler? Let's have a better understanding of it. It demands a writer to examine similarities, differences, or both between two subjects that must fall under the same category. Moreover, both subjects must share the same time frame also.


Whether you choose a topic of your own or your teacher assigns you a particular niche, you must brainstorm it. Brainstorming means to think critically and analyze the hidden elements, components, or features of a subject. It makes it easy for you to mark down a handy essay. Moreover, you do not get stuck or deviated while putting pen to paper. All write my essay queries are processed fast.

In this specific genre of the essay, you are supposed to examine the relevance between the two subjects. If you're asked to highlight the differences between them, you must look deeper to find out the subtle differences between those particular subjects. Think in the right direction and analyze the subject before commencing to write.

Knowing the audience

Neophyte scribblers often make a mistake of ignoring the importance of the audience. It is like marketing your product before the people.

For instance, women will be more interested in finding out the cooking recipes as compared to men. So, it would be better to target the female audience related to a baking recipe.

Similarly, before you start writing the essay, gather details about the targeted audience. It includes their age, gender, educational qualification, and area of interest. If you’re willing to pay someone to write my paper than send queries at 5staressays, we got professional essay writers.

Reason for writing

Tell the readers the reason for composing a lengthy essay on a particular topic. You have to mention the factor that fascinates you to write this essay. It will help in grabbing the attention of the readers towards the text in the essay. 

Also, it is the point where a reader will show interest in whether to read the essay further or not.

Structuring the essay

One of the most crucial parts in essay writing is knowing the importance of structuring an essay appropriately. It consists of three major elements that are as follows.


Main body


All the afore-mentioned parts play a vital role in making the content presentable, alluring, and compelling. Students, despite sufficient writing skills and enough knowledge about the topic, fail to write a remarkable compare and contrast essay. If you’re looking for a professional write my paper services than send request at 5staressays.

They neglect the power of structuring an essay. Consequently, they fail to manage and organize the text of the essay correctly due to which it loses its worth.

It is, therefore, necessary for students to define the topic, explain the subject, and conclude the discussion appropriately in the required sections of an essay.

Creating a top-tier comparison and contrast essay will be easier if students do not neglect each component's importance while structuring an essay.

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